Open Ensemble Space

The Thursday allows time to deepen our joint work. Based on what threads, themes You find worth furthering we form themes that we all can join in on.  The main reason for this design is that we are eager to work more in line with the relational and performative logic of drama/theater. Room for what will occur, what we not yet know. Perhaps there is a topic from the poster presentations you like to further, a vague hunch that emerged at the Tuesdays collaborative workshop or You would like to present a paper or a practice-based workshop or dance or sing, well the floor is Yours. This can be seen as an slightly modified Open Space method meaning You can move in.between the various sessions. We will explain it all in detail and find themes and set up a structure when we start the Thursday session. You might already now know what You would like to focus on, well then You can start by writing down ideas below as comments.




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