In the Postermingel on the third day of the conference we are all invited to share possible posters on tiopics of interest. You will also have an opportunity to make a poster at on spot. Or perhaps You remembered something You forgot You knew all along☺ If You come up with something in advance it is possible to scribble them down in the comment field below. This might be the topics or seeds that feeds in to the Thursdays Open Space session. Below there are the posterpresentations that were presented in the registrationform. Great ones…


  • Julia Fries, Stockholms University Using drama in re-thinking economy- a presentation of my planned PhD project.


  • Ruth Hol Mjanger NLA Högskolen Artistic Research av Frantzsen&Mjanger – Presentasjon av uteromsprosjektet Avtrykk av pust – Hva er pustens form? Hvordan kan dette usynlige bli synlig? En utforsking av performative møter mellom glass og mennesker i uterom.


  • Riika Nurmi The Finnish Association for Mental Health Drama in strengthening children+s mental healthskills.


  • Elin Thoreseon NLA Högskolen NLA University College Teachers as mediators in sociodramatic play.


  • Marianne Nödtvet/Knudsen Drama nad theatre IKM/NTNU Theatre in prison – democracy?


  • K Knudsen NTNU social media, challenging fiction dramapedagogy.


  • Elsa Szatek, Stockholms universitet drama girlhood studies non-represetnational theory ethnography.


  • Anna Lehtonen University of Helsinki Presentation of my doctoral thesis – dramapedagogy for education for a sustainable future.


  • Ulrika von Schantz HSD, Stockholms universitet Perhaps something that emerges…


  • Eva Hallgren Högskolan I Gävle Expertagency a notion I suggest you practice and develop when you are working in role with co-creators in improvisation.


  • Rannveig Thorkelsdottir University of Iceland Creativity and Play through: Art, drama??? Creativity and play through: Art, drama and music Course Description: Over the past two years, a development work has been carried out in connection with the integration of arts at the University of Iceland, School of Education.


  • … And Yours…


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