Benedikte Esperi – Contemporary Performative Artist – based on the west coast in SwedenDirector and Artistic manager of the company Dansverk and Benedikte Esperi Produktion since 2007. Curator and lecturer in dance and performance 2011-2017 at the University of Gothenburg. Board member and curator at Gallery 54 (run since 1959). Facilitator of the Tiny Festival.  Have been in charge of the documentation of the artistic performances at the various artistic educations at Gothenburg.






Arjen Wals is a Professor of Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. He also holds the UNESCO Chair of Social Learning and Sustainable Development. Furthermore he is the Carl Bennet Guest Professor in Education for Sustainable Development at Gothenburg University in Sweden and an Adjunct at Cornell University in the United States. His teaching and research focus on designing learning processes and learning spaces that enable people to contribute meaningfully sustainability. A central question in his work is: how to create conditions that support (new) forms of learning which take full advantage of the diversity, creativity and resourcefulness that is all around us, but so far remain largely untapped in our search for a world that is more sustainable than the one currently in prospect?/ also nicked from website transformative learning.




Åse Eliason Bjurström Drama teacher, lecturer at Gothenburg University Department of sociology and work science. Projectleader for the Glocal Mirror and Drama Boreale 18 – The Open Ensemble