Social programme


On Wednesday the official program stops at 4 PM allowing us to do different things such as:

  • Take a tram/boattrip  to Brännö, an island in the archipealgo of Gotheburg. When we are there we can stop by at Brännö Varv , and perhaps take a walk done to the famous Brännö Brygga Dansbanan   
  • Go for a canoe adventure in Delsjön
  • Picknick in Slottskogen 

You pay for expenses  in relation to the excursion yourself, we have tried to keep the cost down on all of them. You can sign up for the different options on Monday when You arrive. Just so that we can plan a bit in advance.

If You like to go for a beer or two we think that a given meeting place, within easy reach (200 m) of the conference, would be the pub/restaurant called Foajébaren at Göteborgs stadsteater.

Gothenburg is off course city where a lot is happening all the time. Perhaps after the conference You would like to attend the musicfestival Way Out West. 

Or perhaps stay for the  Göteborgs kulturkalas och EuroPride festivalen starting on the 14th of August

Här/here you can find out more on what to do whilst in Gothenburg