Glocal Mirror

What takes place on day one and two in the conference will be filmed and an extract of this will be sent off to various groups of dramateachers/researchers around the globe. They will in turn watch the filmed material, and make an embodied gruopbased response to what they see , a comment that they will film and send to us. Then during the last day of the conference we will be able to watch their embodied responses.

Drama Boreale 18, The Open Ensemble hopes to stimulate new ways of practice-based collaborations. Where we curiously anticipate what will happen in our joint play. Where our bodies are present in the room, where emotions are invited and where we assume that new findings happens when we share our different experiences and stories . The Open Ensemble is a Nordic drama conference, but this time we like to Open up space and have therefor invited various nodes around the world that are invited to mirror- relate to our process here in Gothenburg. It is an experiment in how can we use drama as an embodied and group based aesthetics language that will hopefully add qualities in a long-distance and glocal ( both Global and Local) communication. As drama itself is relational,there is also an interesting aspect of how the social inter-relational aspects within the various node can be invited to play in a project like this.

We are also eager to find out ways of having Glocal inputs but without having to actually travel; fly and add carbon emissions. This part of the conference is funded by the Climate fund at the University of Gothenburg.

Drama Boreale 18 – The Open Ensemble proudly presents:

The Glocal Mirror


Team US headed by :Beth Murray Charlotte North Carolina >>

Team Uganda headed by :Mukisa Bernard, Budondo >>

Team UK headed by: Rebecca Patterson Manchester Metropolitan University >> 

Team Argentina will be headed by: Silvia Vammaro, Buenos Aires >>

Team New Zealand will be headed by :Bianca Till >>

Organizing team Sweden >>


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