On the way to Drama Boreale 2018.. some theoretical inputs on the journey

In Silkeborg in July 2015 we were a gruop of dramateachers from different organisations that had a quick debriefing after we had realized we were about to organise a Drama Boreale conference. We said well we are mostly from the informal sector, perhaps informal could be a criteria and perhaps in could be more like a dramasession. Perhaps we can work together and have a joint experience taht we all can relate to. Well all ideas were fine but then it was time to decide where it should be placed. It took us some time and finally in it was decided that it was the University of Gothenburg, and  initially the Department of sociology and workscience that were to take the lead in this. Academy of Music and Drama and Blekinge Folkhighschool have also been very active members from the start to the finishing line:-)

At a meeting at this department on the 1st of June in 2016 with  people from various drama/theatre institutions and organisations key words where added, like postnormal, social change, environmental/sustainability, ensemble learning..

Accordingly our first text that was introduced at a seminar was  a text called

Transformative, transgressive social learning: rethinking higher education pedagogy in times of systemic global dysfunction 

One of the author to this article is Arjen Wals who attended the conference, as the ensemble concept came from him the text where that discussion was found was added, The acousticts of social learning,

Then we added Björn Rasmussens article on Herons ecological epistemology as we started to notice that we wanted to get passed the theory- practice divide

After that we wanted to try out some arts-based resaerch so we invited Anne Pässilä to a workshop that took place on the 20th of June in 2017. Before she visited us we had read this article.

As Helen Nicholson was one of the people in the Advisory board and inspired us to broaden the Ensembleconcept we also read her chapter : A Good Day Out: Applied Theatre, Relationality and Participation in this book

All the articles were re-read when we met a weekend in February where we started to work more hands-on with workshop design.

Then this was continued and now also Kerstin Bragby added a lot of value to ur process, and after three more workshops we decided to go with the design You met in late May. Kerstin up-dated and deepened our research-design that is added here at the page. Kerstin will also add more input and the references she has used here on the blog.

As I also talked about Futures work with CLA and scenarios I enclose an article that I, an very old friend named Miram Sannum have written together with Marcus Bussay whom You met at the Wednesday session. It also involves using yarn and weaving, as we did in Gothenburg:-)

Well that are some of the litterature that has nurtured us as we have trotted along. As i write this I notice the comment field is not present on this page, I will have to have a go at fixing that. Some other day.

Cheers Åse