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We are curious to find out more about You who will attend,

Please share a few lines in the commentfield below. Special interest, hopes for the conference etc..


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  2. Hi, While representing the Danish Drama Teacher’s Association (Danmarks Dramalærerforening – DDLF), I am also very much in pursuit of a personal interest in finding ways to get drama into the Danish education system.
    Despite drama being a required aspect of the national curriculum of Danish and foreign language subjects, very few student teachers have any opportunity to find out how to meet these demands, mainly because very few lecturers have insight into what drama in schools entails, and as a result it gets ignored, and children miss out on the huge potential for learning and development that drama methods provide.
    I actually teach Danish as a second language to young adults trying to integrate here, and naturally use drama activities as tools for developing language and social and critical skills.

    1. Hi Robert!
      Welcome to Drama Boreale 2018. This question is also vivid in Sweden. The Icelandic dramapeople have had some good development in regards to this. Def a thread to further. See You soon.

  3. Hello everyone,
    I work as a dramapedagog at Malmö Stadsteater. It’s a big theatre that produces plays for adults as well as for children. In my work I meet the younger audience between 5 and 18 years old. My colleuges and I do workshops to try to deepen and connect the theme and the experience/feeling/ thoughts that the play leaves and/or gives you. We do that by doing workshops, sometimes before and sometimes after they visit us or we them. We always talk about lowering the threshold and opening up the theatre for their storys and experinces. In some plays we involve kids to participate and sometimes create a play with us.
    My hopes for Dramaboreale is to meet other practitioners and reseachers. To learn and share experiences and hopefully leave inspiread and with new thoughts and ideas.

  4. Hello Everybody!
    I am drama teacher working as theatre teacher and artistic director in theatre at Fryshuset gymnasium in Stockholm. I deepen my knowledge by studying a masterprogram in drama and applied theatre at Stockholm University, and also by attending Drama Boreale 2018.
    I am interested in how our young and older can take place in our society through drama and applied theater. I look forward to being part of this attractive awesome adventurous arrangement that you have created!

  5. Hi everybody!

    I’m a lecturer in music and drama in Perniö secondary and high school situated in city of Salo, Southwest Finland between Turku and Helsinki. Our school is quite small, we have about 200 pupils and students all together.

    I work also as a tutoring (or mentoring) teacher in Salo interested in how drama and gamification can be used as a method in teaching between different subjects. On this journey I’m researching better ways to learn through collaborating with my students and colleagues. I’m coming to Gothenburg to gather new experiences and ideas.

    Heidi-Tuulia Eklund


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