It is an OPEN Ensemble because

OPEN as in

  • Open to what will emerge in the interactions between us all, in our drama/theatre field ”characterised by postbinary commitment to activity (rather than structures), process(rather than fixity),action (rather than representation), collectiveness (rather than individualism), reflexivity (rather than self-consciousness)  Kershaw and Nicholson
  • Open to a before and an after. The conference has already started, every meeting, talk, feedback we have got so far has had an impact on our conference, we will also weave in voices from the IDIERI conference that takes place in New Zealand,  as well as the voices from the weaving committe that will pick up threads even after the conference.
  • Open to new forms of organising where we can open up and get rid  of limiting binaries between theory – practice, formal -informal. All very counterproductive to research in general and applied dramaresearch in particular.
  • Open to related fields, fields with a relational reach from the drama/theatre, like those presented on the podcasts. A slightly different difference that might make a difference to our understanding. A difference that Nora Bateson most likely knows a lot about.
  • Open to the Not So Nordic, one example being the Glocal Mirror and another one the Weaving Committee



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