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WE had a great day and it was truly luxurious to be able to discuss and further our understandings of what we did at Drama Boreale 18 from an Anticipatory Aesthetics perspective . The cultural worker as a hacker… Well above is the power point that Marcus presented and it in turn related to the article below. Enjoy!!

Concepts and effects



On the 23rd of November between 10 AM and 15 PM we will have a day together with Dr Marcus Bussey from Australia.  He will lead us through and further our process in relation to Futures studies. Marcus will add more info but please join us on the 23 of November.

The workshop will take place at the department of Sociology and Workscience at room B228 The adress is Sprängkullsgatan 19.

Welcome to a workshop and/or seminar on Drama and Futures – 

Anticipatory Aesthetics, Social Transformation and a Drama-conference with 

Dr Marcus Bussey, Senior Lecturer in History and Futures at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. See below

10.00- 12.00 The workshop will elaborate stories that emerged at the performative and collaborative Drama Boreale conference in August. Focus is on futures, critical higher education narratives and anticipatory aesthetics.

13.15- 14.30 In the afternoon we will further our reflections in a seminar based on Marcus research. He is working at the interface of pedagogy and social transformation and this seminar explores an anticipatory aesthetic through a conception of five futures senses. The futures senses are understood a cultural processes/domains that have supported human social experiments over millennia.

Both in room B228 on the 23rd of November 

Most Welcome!  

Bio: Dr Marcus Bussey is Senior Lecturer in History and Futures at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. He is a founding member of the Sustainability Research Centre and Deputy Head, School of Social Sciences. As a cultural theorist, historian and futurist he works on cultural processes that energize social transformation. He uses futures thinking and embodied workshops to challenge the dominant beliefs and assumptions that constrain human responses to rapid cultural, social, environmental and technological change. He is currently focused on the role of anticipatory aesthetics as a process-oriented approach to understanding and accessing human transformative potential. https://www.usc.edu.au/explore/structure/faculty-of-arts-business-and-law/staff/dr-marcus-bussey

Article: ”Anticipatory Aesthetics: The Senses and the Body in Anticipatory Theory and Practice

Have You seen this article by Anna Lehtonen?  Are there any other good readings You think should be added?

I got a mail from Anna; 

. I wonder, if it could be possible to participate by distant? Or if there could be somekind of webinar about the theme? 

We will try to document as much of the content as possible and add here . For this event theres is no webinarpossibilities but on the 6th of febr there will be!

There seems to be really need for the  theme of sustainability and the future of education. A new book about sustainability, human well-being and the future of education was just published by Palgrave, where a chapter I have been a co-writer with some other Finnish writers. It is open access and it has been downloaded already 22000 times. We write about the potentiality of arts, but not exactly about drama. 

All the best! 


Tusen tack Anna!!



Hope to see back in Gothenburg on the 23rd of November!


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