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So much knowledge in the room

Did you get inspired and want to know more about the persons presenting their papers and work today?

Scrool down and have a look at their webpage, some links are there, and if you want me to ad some information, write a coment.

I think it’s amazing how much drama is carrying, and today that really was shown through the presentations that covered so many different filleds.


Marianne Nodtvedt – Theatre behind the walls

Bjorgvin prison 2004 – 2009
Bergen prison 2009 – ongoing
Trondheim prison 2015 – ongoing

Theatre behind walls

Theatre behind the walls – Marianne Nodtvedt



Eva Hallgren

Ledtrådar till estetiskt engagemang i processdrama. Samspel i roll i en fiktiv verksamhet.
Clues to aesthetic engagement in process drama 


Kristian Knudsen

Drama i det digitale og performative samfund.
Research on how the performative and digital society can stimulate to renewal in terms of ways of teaching and learning in general and in a drama/theatre context in particular.



Elin Thorese





Do you work?
How kindergarten teachers function in sociodramatic play interactions


Kindergarten teachers as mediators in sociodramatic play interaction: A study of how kindergarten teachers function as mediators in sociodramatic play interaction with children aged four and five









Creativity and play through drama, music and visual art.

Rannveig Bjork, Åsa helga ragnarsdottir & Hanna olafsdottir

Ása Helga Ragnarsdóttir and Rannveig Björk Þorkelsdóttir



Elsa Szatek

Drama, place and values

Elsa Szatek, Stockholm university



Riika Nurmi

Drama in promoting mental health skills



En annan värld – Malmö stadsteater, Individuell Människohjälp, Anna hellerstedt

Malmostadsteater – Teckningar och fantasi blir till teater


Anna Lehtonen – Becoming connected through drama




Music & Activism
La riipa group-Jessica Riipa



Drama in schools- events of learning and process of becoming: a non – dichotomous approach to drama in education




Julia Fries – Using drama in re-thinking economy


Julia Fries, Stockholm University

Julia Fries – Using drama in re-thinking economy




Siri Ingull

Narrativ identitet



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